Our work in infographics and data visualisation was recommended to the sustainability team at IKEA in Brussels. The brief was simple and clear; an ‘ordinary’ position paper needed to have more impact!

In conjunction with the team we built visuals around their messaging and through a combined effort we strengthened the paper. The resulting infographic was well received by both the Brussels office and subsequently various departments within IKEA in different geographical regions. The infographic below has been be translated and reinterpreted for different markets.

IN THE PRESS: “Ikea Group has gotten the message, and is moving toward a transparent climate change policy. The company recently articulated its positions in this infographic. Thanks to internal leadership and partnerships with NGOs like WWF and the Climate Group, IKEA can now explain why climate change is relevant to its business interests and which policy actions it supports.” Eliot Metzger theguardian.com

Design: Luke Stephenson

Sustainability Infographic IKEA